Get Meaningful Videos Edited Fast Every Week,

so Your Brand Can Look UNIQUE, SMART And FUN!


You've put a lot of hard work into your videos,

so you deserve to stand out.

My team and I will help you save time,

avoid burnout and make more money...

By delivering videos that:

  1. Make You Look Good

  2. Express Your Message Clearly

  3. Retain Your Audience's Attention

  4. Show The Beauty Of Your Brand's Personality

  5. Make Everyone Remembers You

This is how powerful a


can do for your brand. 

What type of

videos do WE EDIT?


Youtube + Instagram + Tiktok + Linkedin

Tutorials. Commercials. Testimonials.

Ads. Online Courses. Interviews. Podcast



Music Videos. Wedding Videos. 

Why Our Video Editing Is Very Special?

  1. We Create Masterpieces

  2. We Pay Attention To Details

  3. We Communicate Well 

  4. We Give You Peace Of Mind

  5. You Are More Than A Client Here: You Are A Friend


Youtube Videos

Youtube Videos

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Angela Santoro & Protheroe,
Co-Founders of Healthy Family Media Inc.
& Healthy Family Expo

For anyone looking to bring their business or brand to life on screen.
CLUB EDIT is our team's top pick. Sarah Lipi and her team have produced
several high-quality promotional videos for our annual tradeshow that have so far
exceeded our expectations. Sarah has the most down-to-earth, easy-going
personality that puts everyone around her and her team at ease. Sarah's
creativity and passion for every business she captures on film and edits are
rare these days, and we know that anyone who gets the chance
to work with her is lucky indeed. 

We offer single videos

and monthly packages

with a competitive price.

Packages start at only $897/month

I know you would love to purchase your package right now, but

we don't sell our services before we meet you. WHY? Because

we prioritize quality over quantity, and that's why our monthly

spots are limited. You shall schedule a call with us, so we

can see if we are a good fit to work together. Meeting

you before editing your videos is the key

to the success of your business.

Here is what you get

when you work with us

Art Supply
Yoga Pose
Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 4.21.16 PM.png
Smart Gadgets
Data Cloud

Artistic Videos

Peace of Mind

Production Tips

Good Communication

Cloud Storage

Your videos will be edited to touch your clients' souls. This is what marketing is about. We add all the elements of your brand such as copyrighted music, logo, color palette, fonts into your videos to show your brand's personality. 

We will take care of everything for you. Those days of worrying about publishing your videos on time are over. We are detail-oriented artists who will edit your videos for the success of your marketing strategy, so you can relax while we work hard.

You will get rich tips to improve the quality of your videos and learn to save time while planning and recording them. We are here to support you 24/7.

We prioritize fantastic communication between you and me, so once you give your footage to us, we pay very close attention to editing your videos precisely to avoid mistakes and exceed your expectations.

You can send your footage to us through Google Drive. We love working with Google products. We will train you to organize your footage there.

However, if you like another cloud system, we are open to it.


We dedicate ourselves delivering you a wonderful experience.

1. Schedule Your Call

Schedule a 30-minute Zoom call with us to purchase a single video or your favourite monthly video editing package.


We believe in developing a fantastic relationship with our clients, so speaking your needs with us before purchasing our services is essential to welcome you to our family. 


Ranbiar Puar
TED X Speaker, Founder of FreeWithin.Me

Working with Sarah Lipi is always a pleasure. I first met Sarah when I recorded
my promo video for Leading Moms. I felt an instant connection to her vibrant energy
and passion for her work. Since then I have hired her to record and produce one of my online courses. Sarah is professional and delivers on time and budget. I know I
can count on CLUB EDIT to help edit my work's key messages
and teachings.I trust them and highly recommend them.