How to Stand Out From Your Competition Online

Updated: Jun 6

How to make your company stand out online and gain new leads organically without paying thousands of dollars in Google Ads per month for the rest of your life?

When we need to buy something, we reach our network to ask friends if they know a company for a referral, or we ask search engines such as Google and YouTube, right?

The internet has become our favourite place to find companies. Your product or service is the solution to many people's problems. You know, they can find you online, but you have no idea how. Well, by the end of this video, you will learn how to make your company stand out in this big crowd we call the internet.

Create Valuable Content

Create valuable content focused on your ideal client's pain or desire.

Content marketing does not directly promote your company but attracts your ideal clients daily with strategies based on the solutions to your ideal client's pain.

That's why you must have a target market or, even better, to have a persona because the more you know your ideal clients, the better you can communicate with them, which makes you stand out.

This kind of content is not focused on selling yet, but on bringing leads organically to your website.

The sale is just a consequence of this process. As an example, let me say that I need to go to Vancouver for my city, which is Delta. In this case, my problem is I don't know how to go to Vancouver. And the solution is how I am arriving in Vancouver fast and safely. So when I Google it, Google brings me this website that shows me a way to get there from my home by bus or by subway or by taxi or by car.

The same happens to your company.

You can create valuable content, so your ideal clients will find you.

In content marketing, we create a strategy based on a sales funnel to keep you standing out in all the phases of this funnel, from the top when your ideal clients find you to the bottom of the funnel when you make sales.

Use Visuals To Communicate Effectivelly

Use the power of visuals on your website to communicate effectively.

Approximately 65% of the population are visual learners. So we will likely have many clients to be part of this group.

Visual learners are often called spatial learners, and unsurprisingly, they learn and remember best through visual communication.

This means that using images and videos on your website to communicate with your ideal client works best to understand what you have to offer.

Create A Blog With Videos

A business blog is a great way to attract your clients and educate them through relevant content. In this sense, it is essential to bet on producing relevant and informative content by adding videos when creating your blog.

Why adding videos to your blog can make a huge difference?

Because Google owns YouTube, and their algorithm works perfectly together to benefit you.

When you have videos on our website, it helps rank your website higher on Google, besides being the best tool to communicate with visual learners.

In addition to showing your ideal clients the usefulness of your products and services, a blog with a meaningful marketing strategy brings trust.

It is true for any niche, especially the business to business market.

Share Your Brand Stories

Share your brand stories. Telling a brand's story goes beyond content marketing, focusing on technical issues, keywords, and SEO to convert your business.

The story of a brand is about the spirit of that company, how it manages to capture your ideal client's heart.

Here we're talking about emotion, which will generate loyalty and highly qualified engagement.

So you see, the goal here is to share a vision, a brand's value, the impact it makes in a video format that is appealing to your ideal clients.

Send An Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the strategies a lot of companies use.

You can use it to maintain a good relationship with the remaining clients you have or keep reminding leads that haven't bought from you yet that you are here with your arms open to welcome them as your ideal client.

That way, you will be able to send video content, rich materials, or even share items that your ideal clients show interest in, enriching the connection between you.

Some clients buy from you instantly, and others take a long time.

So that's when email marketing can help you stand out from your competition, making it impossible for your ideal clients to forget about you.

Are you ready to start getting attention from your ideal clients online?

I hope these tips are an excellent start for you to start innovating your company and attract many clients organically.

Please feel free to book a zoom video call with me to see how video content marketing can help you grow your business.

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