5 Tips to Help You To Standout With Videos

Updated: Jun 6

You want your company to stand out on social media but have no idea where to start.

This video will show you how you can create compelling video content for your marketing strategy to get new leads organically every day.

Video content has become the most fantastic marketing strategy for your company's growth for so many reasons.

One of them is that video is the most potent content medium for storytelling and education because 65% of people are visual learners.

According to Cisco, 81% of consumer internet traffic in 2021 comes from internet video traffic which confirms that the world has many visual learners.

I love videos because we can add all the elements we need to communicate well and create connections.

Yes, it can be scary.

I didn't feel comfortable on camera a few years ago because I have been behind the camera my entire life helping my clients be confident. But it was tricky for me when I had to face it. Then I practiced and practiced until I nailed it. So can you.

On top of that, video is perfect for you to be found on Google because Google owns Youtube, and their algorithms work perfectly together.

It doesn't stop here. Video content marketing also incorporates different strategies for you to gain leads, such as email marketing and webinars.

Now that you know the importance of having videos as part of your marketing strategy, here are five tips to help you create compelling video content for your marketing strategy to get new leads organically every day.

Target Market

There is no success in any marketing strategy without you knowing who your target market is. If your target market is enormous, you can even narrow it down because it makes it easier for you to connect with a small group of people than with the entire world.

Trust me; in content marketing, it’s essential you know who your ideal clients genuinely are because the more you know them, the more valuable content you can create for Google to rank your website higher.

Focus On Your Ideal Client's Pain

What do we do when we want to find something out? We go on Google!

We research the solution to the pain we have at the moment.

Your ideal clients do the same. So, creating video content based on their pain bringing the perfect solution to their problems will help you attract them big time.

Use Sales Funnel To Plan Your Video Content Marketing Strategy

In video content marketing, we use the SALES FUNNEL SYSTEM to build a sales strategy, so you don’t waste your time only creating content without making sales. You don’t need a lot of videos. All you need is a great strategy that works.

At the top of the funnel, that’s when we need to get attention from our ideal clients, so we create content to attract them. At this point, you will attract many people, which we call cold leads during this phase.

For the second phase of the funnel, we will need to create video content that brings trust. That’s a moment of nurture so that these cold leads will become warm leads, but they will only be ready to contact you when they become hot leads.

Some hot leads are very undecided because there might be many objections in their minds, so we need to create video content to clarify these objections in their minds and encourage them to buy from you.

Create Entertaining Videos

Create entertaining videos that are extremely valuable in educating your ideal clients without fearing giving too much because of your competitors.

If your competitors come to your website to steal anything from your business, you are already on the top of your market.

Create videos that touch your ideal clients’ souls. Your video content marketing needs to stand out and make a difference in your clients’ lives.

Marketing is beyond making sales. Marketing is about creating connections, building relationships, making a difference in this world that brings sales to you automatically. You are a leader who can make this world a better place through your company using video content marketing.

Optimize Your Videos For Conversions

The internet is the most crowded place on this planet, so your video content won't stand out if you don't optimize them for success.

Optimizing your videos will help your ideal clients find your content on search engines and click on them. That's when a relationship starts.

So, you will need to have a terrific SEO strategy in place to be able to get results from your video content marketing in which includes:

a juicy topic for your videos, hashtags, a clear description describing what your video is about, a stunning thumbnail, and apply some nerd data, so Google can recognize your video content and deliver it to the right people.

I hope you could learn how to stand out with video content marketing.

You can apply these principles I taught you today to all the strategies that involve video content marketing.

I am delighted you are here!

Please feel free to send me a message or book a Zoom meeting call to see if video content marketing is an excellent fit for your company. You can find my information in the links below.

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