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Our Story

Ladies and Gentlemen... this is Sarah' Lippi, the founder of

CLUB EDIT DIGITAL would never exist without her story. 

Over the past 32 years, Sarah has worked with incredible brands,
from Dove to IBM. 

Sarah's passion for marketing started at 12 years old as a graphic
designer at her dad's visual communication company in Brazil.

Years later, she went to explore different areas.

She became one of the #1 sales representatives in the retail industry.

In the early 2000s, she joined the film industry, producing commercials
for the most influential brands in the world, and that's when her passion
for videos began.

Sarah moved to Canada in 2006. She won her first film award as a
cinematographer on the web series THE LAST FALL OF ASHES.
She produced and directed her short film THE PASSAGE, which featured in several film festivals worldwide, including the Madrid International Film Festival, and brought her team an award at the Canada International Film Festival.

She launched her video production company DOC ME to keep helping brands to grow while having the freedom to give her family a good life.

After hundreds of fantastic videos later...

Sarah founded CLUB EDIT DIGITAL, a digital marketing agency with an award-winning team of artists and marketers that offer top-quality and affordable digital marketing services for small and mid-sized businesses to finally start gaining potential leads online. 

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Do you want to learn how you can grow your business online?

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